Purchasing work

Prices and purchasing

Images contained within the galleries on this site are representative. If you are interested in purchasing a piece contact me by e-mail.

Please state which gallery the work that you are interested in is placed. I can then send images of pieces which I have in stock.

There is a DVD available filmed by Georgia Boukla following a firing of the Loughborough anagama. The 24 minute film follows the packing of the kiln, the firing and the unpacking.

Printable enquiry form

All prices shown are exclusive of delivery charge.

Mugs —————£15.00

Espresso cups—–£10.00

Shot cups———-£10.00

Cups & saucers—-£45.00

Large mugs———£20.00

Lidded Jars———£80 -£600

26cm platters——-£55.00

Snow flake platters-£55.00

Large Platters——-£400 – £550

Jugs——————-£45 – £195

Large bowls———-£160 – £250

Small bowls———–£70 -£100

Firing DVD ———-£5.00

One off porcelain and stoneware dancing vessels start from £65.00